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Jayesh Mitha

About Me

I am a UX Unicorn/Full Product Designer- Senior UX/UI designer & Front End Developer with over 10 years of experience. My UX process included research, wire-framing, prototyping and user testing before final design. I work closely with product owners, developers and business analysts to gain feedback and data, resulting in a delightful product that is both beautiful and user friendly.

I am a real UX expert (i.e. I am not a some graphic designer who knows nothing about human behavior, perception, ergonomics and usability), I have the enthusiasm and hunger to create things that are beautiful and functional. Things that makes life easier, that is simple and effective.

I have worked and gained experience for companies & clients not only in South Africa, but worldwide.

#UX isn’t simply the designing of grey boxes, which are then made to look pretty through validation. (In fact scrap that last bit, a lot of you still don’t really understand the concept of validation. But I’ve digressed…)

We should be speaking in terms of ‘Experiences’ – not UX. And we should not limit ourselves to the user, as important as they are.

Experience isn’t just about design, either. It’s the ‘thing’ that happens when your valuable people show up at the front door of your company every morning. It lives in the strategic conversations that you should be having. It also informs how you prioritise initiatives and where you focus your efforts.

Experience is also about how any single person might feel about your company in any environment and whether you’ve taken their particular environment into consideration. In addition, it’s about being aligned in every way possible.

I specialise in People – Process – Products and in that order, because your own People should be at the core of everything your company does, and be allowed to work within great Processes that bring out the best in them….so they can feel motivated to contribute towards the success of your Products…which then positively impact your bottom line as they are a delight to use.



Adobe XD



Adobe Creative Suite



Bootstrap, Foundation






Ionic Framework

React Js

Vue Js

Android, iPhone Development

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